CocoCause™ logo - CocoCause.comA portion of Coconut Organics® profits go to protect the coconut plantations and farmers to ensure sustainable, organic and fair-trade practices for generations to come.

Here at Coconut Organics®, the organic coconut is everything to us. It is our sole focus to share the amazing coconut with the world. As part of this vision, from day 1 we only work with organically certified farmers that do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals of any kind. Furthermore, it is equally important to us that the coconut farmers we source our coconuts from are paid a fair wage relative to their local economy.

Our CocoCause™ movement is an ongoing commitment to invest in the protection of the sacred tropical coconut ecosystems from plantation to farmers. With every product sale, we will invest a portion of profits to:

  • ensure our coconut suppliers are 100% organic and bio-dynamic when possible
  • ensure that the coconut farmers are paid a fair wage
  • ensure that the coconut farmers are planting new coconut trees as part of their ongoing agroforestry plan


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