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 Coconut Organics ® baked organic coconut chips: Original, Chocolate, Chipotle -

Our baked organic coconut chips are gourmet and satisfying!

Introducing our new delicious baked coconut chips: Original, Dark Chocolate, and Spicy Chipotle. We start by baking long thin pieces of organic coconut with our very own delicious, low-glycemic organic coconut nectar. We sprinkle some high-mineral Celtic Sea Salt® for the perfect sweet and salty gourmet flavor profile. The Dark Chocolate coconut chips get their decadence from the pure organic cacao and vanilla we add and the Chipotle gets it’s spicy flavor from organic chipotle powder. Just the right amount of heat for the spice enthusiast!

Hearty, crunchy and genuinely satisfying, these new baked coconut chips are loaded with healthy fats and digestible fiber and are a great, high-energy snack right out of the bag, or sprinkled on your favorite foods.

How are our organic coconut chips sweetened?

We use our very own delicious organic coconut nectar as the sweetener of choice. Not only is coconut nectar a low-glycemic sweetener that has a delicious flavor similar to brown sugar, but it also is vitamin-rich and has 16 amino acids intact. It is very tasty and is far from an “empty” sweetener.

Why do we use Celtic Sea Salt® in our baked organic coconut chips?

Celtic Sea Salt® is an unprocessed fresh-from-the-ocean sea salt that has been doctor recommended since 1976. It is known to be a lower-sodium salt that is also high in potassium and magnesium which has been proven to be necessary for our bodies to assimilate the sodium-chloride into our bodies. It is the healthiest sea salt we have found and is very different from table salt in every way.

How should our organic coconut chips be enjoyed?

Eat them straight out of the bag for a delicious high-energy, high-fiber  snack that will surely satisfy. Also, try sprinkling them on foods such as yogurt, ice cream, baked goods and much more.

Where are our organic coconut chips available?

You can buy these organic coconut chips directly from our website for quick shipping and its coming to local retailers near you soon. Be sure to email us if there’s a specific store that you would love to get our coconut chips from. If you are a retailer interested in carrying our organic coconut chips, please visit our wholesale page and we’ll be happy to work with you for your organic coconut needs.

Coconut Organics ® organic coconut chips

Our unsweetened organic coconut chips are healthy and delicious!

INGREDIENT: toasted organic coconut

Lightly toasted, not fried, our coconut chips are perfectly sweet with no added sugar. Hearty, crunchy and genuinely satisfying, these golden coconut chips are a great, high-energy snack right out of the bag, or sprinkled on your favorite foods.

What are unsweetened coconut chips and how are they made?

Our coconut chips come from third-generation family organic coconut farms where the meat from organic mature coconuts is sliced into perfect little “chips” and then lightly toasted.

What are the health benefits of our unsweetened organic coconut chips ?

There is a reason our coconut chips are ‘Nature’s Perfect Snack™’. They are:

  • a great source of highly digestible fiber
  • a high-energy snack full of healthy fats
  • toasted, not deep fried
  • full of healthy coconut fats
  • naturally sweet with no sugar added
  • naturally gluten-free
  • naturally vegan

How should our unsweetened coconut chips be enjoyed?

Enjoy our organic coconut chips straight out of the bag for a delicious high-energy snack or sprinkle them on foods such as yogurt, oatmeal, trail mix, ice cream, salads, baked goods and much more.

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