Coconut Organics ® Introduces CocoBacon ® – Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic Coconut Bacon Snack Food to the Masses

CocoBacon ® organic coconut bacon banner

Coconut Organics ® is excited to announce the expansion of our first gourmet product, CocoBacon ®. After select market availability since 2012, this USDA Organic, gluten free, vegan, toasted coconut chip snack and coconut bacon is here to satisfy the salty, smoky, savory, sweet, and fatty flavor of bacon. Made with organic ingredients including triple coconut ingredients (organic coconut chips, organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar) and high-mineral low-sodium Celtic Sea Salt ®, this no-compromise organic snack food and vegan bacon alternative has no artificial additives or preservatives and is a source of valuable fatty acids, minerals, fiber and energy. It is a true one-of-a-kind clean superfood snack!

CocoBacon ® organic coconut bacon history

Seventeen years before co-founder Vic joined Coconut Organics ®, this special recipe was in the making. As an organic vegan chef and health enthusiast in his early 20’s, he moved to the Garden Isle of Kaua`i, Hawaii in 1995 and discovered this most wondrous of foods. To his glorious fortune, coconuts were available simply for the taking, in unlimited quantities, for anyone willing to climb the tree! Coconuts became his number one food source for the fresh organic coconut water and the different types of coconut meat, from jelly a.k.a. spoon meat to the thick hard flesh from the mature organic coconuts perfect for making coconut cream and coconut oil. What was inadvertently discovered is that when you bake the thick mature oil rich coconut flesh in the oven, when it cooks it smells just like bacon! This is because like animal fat it is high in saturated fats, but healthy, much needed saturated fats.

When we started Coconut Organics ® and became ‘The Coconut Company™‘ with our mission to provide the highest quality, sustainably sourced organic coconut foods and goods to the world, we decided we would never cut any corners on anything and that all our products from their first taste would reflect this attention to detail and gourmet quality. Over the years, as we formulated CocoBacon ® for commercial production, we wanted to make a product even better than the one everyone fell in love with in our organic test kitchen. Making CocoBacon ® for friends and family is one thing, but to recreate the same taste and consistency for the mass market without any compromise is something else entirely, a challenge we happily accepted!

Organic standards, organic sourcing

CocoBacon ® bag and caseAs part of our commitment to delivering a clean, healthy, organic coconut food, we chose to avoid adding any artificial additives or preservatives. To get the best possible flavor we started with the spices. We tested spices from many certified organic suppliers around the world, picking and choosing to create a special proprietary blend carefully sourced from the best organic spice farms. For the coconut sugar we tested all the various grades and sources deciding on a light, super low-glycemic, high-vitamin organic coconut sugar from Bali, from a farm with mineral rich organic soil and sustainable harvesting practices. For the raw organic coconut oil, we found a rarely thin and sweet virgin coconut oil from the world’s most experienced and advanced coconut oil making country, the Philippines.

Everyone should know that the higher the mineral content the fuller the taste of all food. And now we come to the most important ingredient, the thinly sliced sun dried organic coconut meat from mature organic coconuts. We found an absolutely delicious source from a 200 year old organic coconut farm in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer of desiccated coconut, and they consume 80% of it themselves. No wonder their skin looks so good and they smile so much!

Organic coconut bacon satisfaction

When these delicious ingredients come together and reach their destination on the lightly-toasted, sweet, organic coconut chips, the result is a flavor explosion of healthy bacon satisfaction. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or sprinkled on your favorite foods such as soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, veggies, proteins, baked goods, desserts and much more. CocoBacon ® brand organic coconut bacon is currently available directly from us and is also coming to healthy markets and convenience stores near you. Email us if there is a store near you that you would love to get CocoBacon ® from.

Can you tell we’re excited to get this product into your hands so you can try it for yourself? Get acquainted with CocoBacon ® at and be sure to tell your friends. We’d love to connect with you via social media. Find us @CoconutOrganics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as @CoconutBacon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here’s to healthy snacking and the mighty coconut!

– Coconut Organics ® Co-founders George and Vic