What Makes CocoBacon, Vegan Coconut Bacon, So Delicious?

CocoBacon ® vegan organic coconut bacon in bowlWhen we set out to make the best tasting and healthy coconut bacon on the planet, we knew that the best way to get that delicious bacon taste in a vegan food product we had to be innovative like never before.  

Making coconut bacon is a very tricky process. It must be crunchy, fatty, sweet, savory and salty, but without any one flavor having dominance over the other. The flavors have to be balanced and perfect.

As The Coconut Company™, we have a passionate commitment to stay true to our trademark by using as many coconut ingredients together as we can.

On top of that, since we are Coconut Organics ®, as the name suggest, we are committed to organic foods and ingredients. This is what makes our CocoBacon ® vegan coconut bacon so special. It is created on a foundation of being a pure, healthy product with a commitment to delicious flavor and taste.

CocoBacon ® vegan organic coconut bacon frontCocoBacon Coconut Ingredients

We use three coconut based ingredients in CocoBacon:

  • organic coconut chips from fully developed coconuts
  • organic coconut sugar from young coconut flower blossoms
  • organic coconut oil from thick mature MCT rich coconut flesh 

When these ingredients are combined in the proper ratio, the result is a pure alchemy of unforgettable taste and healthy satisfaction! 

How We Make CocoBacon – Our Vegan Coconut Bacon 

We start with our lightly toasted coconut chips, which are coated while still warm with a yummy layer of the organic coconut oil. We follow with our proprietary organic spice blend (our secret recipe). These spices, which are sourced from top organic farms worldwide, penetrate into the toasted chips perfectly, sealing in the delicious goodness.

CocoBacon ® vegan organic coconut bacon backThen we add the mineral rich, low glycemic organic coconut sugar, a little touch of organic mesquite smoke flavor and finely stone ground Celtic Sea Salt®, which many – including us – believe to be the the world’s most delicious and nutritious salt on the planet.

This combination gives CocoBacon that distinctive bacon-y crunch, fatty flavor, and sweet-savory taste profile. The final result is the best coconut bacon you have ever tried: CocoBacon Original, an expertly crafted true synergy of ingredients, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

In Hawaii, where we originally started crafting this recipe many years ago, when something is really delicious, we say it ‘broke da mouth’, meaning that it’s so delicioius, it broke the mouth! We hope you agree.

Try some CocoBacon today and tell us what you think!